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We began in 1997 as a technology company.  Since that day we have grown into a focused inbound and digital marketing agency.  Our passion for providing high quality service has remained the same.

We are committed to helping attorneys, construction companies and other professional services get found online, increase traffic, generate leads,  close more customers and increase revenue.

As inbound marketing professionals and digital marketing experts, we’ve learned a lot over the years.  We know exactly what it takes to create a strategy that can propel a professional services business of any size into online success.  

BG Hamrick, CEOCEO and Founder BG Hamrick has built a marketing team fully trained and experienced to help you get the results you need to meet your marketing goals.

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Growth-Driven Design

Traditional website design is broken.  The key to eliminating the pitfalls of traditional web design is growth-driven design (GDD). The difference between GDD and traditional design is that GDD uses staggered phases during the launch process.


Inbound & Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), local search and paid advertising are complimentary to Inbound Marketing.  Combining all of these methodologies to reach your business goals is at the heart of what we do every day.


Partnership & Support

We are an extension of your company's marketing team.  We want to know what is driving leads, customers and clients to your business.  When you share your revenue goals with us, we'll help you meet those goals and put more money back into your business.

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"Really know the trends"  "Keen sense of where you need to go"  "A pleasure to work with."

Timothy Fink
- CEO & Founder - NVision Business Solutions, LLC
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