Results-Driven Digital Advertising With Local Impact Group

Your business needs to make an impact online, and our digital advertising experts are ready to help. At Local Impact Group, we pride ourselves on producing outstanding returns on investment for every digital advertising campaign.

Digital advertising is a powerful tool that suits the needs of many locally oriented businesses well. Your business will grow as Local Impact Group experts leverage strengths of digital advertising like:

  • Targeting. Television ads and mailings can produce results, but they always generate many misses in the process. By contrast, most kinds of digital ads can be targeted very precisely, making them better at connecting with those most likely to become your customers. Search engine advertising placements can target particular phrases that signal not just interest but the intent to buy and a relevant location. Social media sites let our ad buyers drill down deeply to focus on particular age groups, occupations, personal interests, and other distinguishing details that are most relevant to your business.

  • Feedback. Digital ads generate plenty of information that Local Impact Group can use to direct and tune your spending. Feedback about click-through and conversion rates arrives instantly and can be analyzed easily and naturally. Determining returns on investment from other types of advertising can take months and produce unreliable results. We use the connected, interactive nature of digital advertising to keep our customers informed at all times.

  • Accessibility. Despite being so powerful and effective, digital advertising is easy to get started with. We can have ads for your business up and running on major sites like Facebook and Google right away. At Local Impact Group, we have the skills and experience required to scale advertising activity to accommodate the needs of your business.All these benefits translate into results that produce more business and growth for Local Impact Group customers. We always take care to incorporate advertising into our digital marketing strategies however makes the most sense for each client.

We Are Experts at Every Type of Digital Advertising

Some agencies stick to a few kinds of digital advertising out of necessity. At Local Impact Group, we have mastered the full range of digital advertising approaches and ad types.

That means we will always be able to choose the types of advertising that will produce the best results for your business. We regularly design and place ads like the following to help our clients grow:

  • Display. Display ads are like the billboards of the digital realm, but more focused and effective. Banner- and skyscraper-style ads can draw lots of attention for your business at little expense. Pay-per-impression (PPM) digital display advertising also makes it easy to leverage lessons learned from other forms of media. That benefits many of our clients who are still in the process of building stronger digital presences.

  • Search. Google's AdWords search engine advertising program displays ads to billions of users every day. Our experts are ready to place ads which target the search phrases that are most relevant to your business. The pay-per-click (PPC) model used by most search advertising allows us to ensure that uninterested viewers will not drive up spending, keeping returns on investment for our clients high.

  • Social. Facebook has an astonishing amount of data about its users, and other social networks are not far behind. At Local Impact Group, we use that information to target social media ads that reach only the best qualified audiences. That means our clients spend less and enjoy more impressive results.

  • Video. There is no more persuasive or engaging medium than video, and digital advertising often proves to be the best way for businesses to put it to use. We regularly use cost-effective video ads to captivate viewers and turn them into customers for our clients.

  • Native. Native ads blur the boundaries between commerce and content, potentially avoiding the defenses of audiences in the process. At Local Impact Group, we understand how best to leverage this powerful tool in ways that produce business-building results.


Making the Most of Digital Advertising With Local Impact Group

Digital advertising can be powerful and effective, but it often proves complicated, as well. Some businesses end up spending large amounts of money placing digital ads on their own without seeing much in the way of benefits.

Working with Local Impact Group means being able to rely on some of the digital advertising industry's most consistently successful experts. Our digital advertising specialists are ready to help with important issues like:

  • Strategy. Spending a bit of money on AdWords or Facebook ads can be a great way to test the waters. Proceeding much further without an informed, well defined digital advertising strategy in place, however, could be a recipe for disaster. At Local Impact Group, we develop digital advertising strategies that ensure results and suit the situations and goals of our clients perfectly.

  • Design. Even text-based digital ads need to be carefully considered and thought out. When it comes to PPM spending, the quality of a given ad will often contribute more to success than any other factor. PPC ads that do a better job of qualifying clicks improve the odds that each dollar of spending will pay off. Our advertising design experts understand how to produce results, no matter the type of ad and business.

  • Measurement and optimization. One of the most important advantages of digital advertising is that results can be accurately quantified and analyzed. By keeping a close eye on all the relevant metrics, our advertising gurus ensure that digital ad budgets always go as far as possible. Whether because conditions have changed or new options have opened up, having access to plenty of reliable data makes ad-related decisions simpler. Our advertising campaigns always start strong and get even better over time.


Advertising online can be one of the best investments of all for almost any modern business. Digital advertising specialists at Local Impact Group have the skills and knowledge required to make the most of any company's budget.

At the same time, we always make sure that digital advertising fits in perfectly alongside every other component of the customized, results-focused marketing strategies we design. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about how Local Impact Group can help your business succeed and grow.